Our offer is directed especially to customers. We support you with a wide range of services for your photovoltaic project.


In the beginning there is you and your personal energy needs. Many take it for granted. However, over the years, the energy requirements and their sources of supply change due to new habits and technological change. Many customers want to make their contribution to the energy turnaround and generate clean electricity themselves. Last but not least, savings opportunities and an independent energy supply from renewable sources are interesting. The sun provides us with many times more energy every day than we can consume.

We advise you in your project so that you get a photovoltaic system that suits you and your consumption. Our service is manufacturer-independent, as it is important to us to provide an objective picture of the photovoltaic market. We would be happy to present you the individual advantages and disadvantages in detail in a consultation, independent of the manufacturer.


If you are already sure about the performance class and your choice of components, or if you have found this out together with us, we will be happy to prepare a system planning with amortization calculation and an installation plan for the photovoltaic modules for you.


Last but not least, we also offer you a very cheap possibility to deliver your planned photovoltaic system to your home, so that you can build it yourself. If you already want to modernize an existing system, you will also find individual, modern components with us.

Price Level

We have made it our business to implement an attractive price policy so that your photovoltaic system pays for itself quickly and you can profit from your investment after only a few years. After a lot of research we know that our offers are cheaper than to be found in online stores.

You are surely wondering how we can achieve this?
The flexible and fast delivery and the availability of the latest components is very important to us. Therefore, we rely on experienced logistics partners who can handle large shipping quantities on a daily basis. We do without additional intermediate storage facilities and ship directly from the wholesale to your home.

We have convinced you of our offer?

We are looking forward to supporting you in every phase of your photovoltaic project. We are happy to advise you, plan your individual system with you and deliver your components at attractive conditions. Let us make you an offer without obligation!

Our Top-Quality Brands

We exclusively supply components of quality brands and this at reasonable prices that are worth seeing.